Best VPN for IPTV Streaming 2019

IPTV has become a real alternative to traditional and expensive cable subscriptions. Until now, the only real option to people wishing to “cut the cable” was either very patchy and problematic card sharing services or free to air satellite and its limited channel selection. Thankfully, now we have IPTV. However, as IPTV grows in popularity so too does attention from ISPs. The solution.. a VPN!

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What is a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network that allows you to browse the internet safely, and most importantly for an IPTV user, anonymously. Originally developed in the mid nineties by a Microsoft employee, VPNs became hugely popular in the early 2000s after a wave of high-profile security breaches. VPNs sound very complicated but in fact they couldn’t be easier to use. Any of the best VPNs including all of our recommendations above have great apps for all devices and tried and tested support.

So how does a VPN actually work?

When you surf the web without a VPN you would normally connect to your ISP which in turns connects you to the internet. There is no privacy. Your ISP and whoever they share their data with, like governments and lawyers, can see everything you do online and your identity and IP address is open for the world to see.

With a VPN however, all that changes. A VPN works by encrypting your internet traffic and sending it through a secure tunnel to one of its servers. Once connected to the server you are provided with a new IP address which you then use to browse the internet. This effectively creates an entirely new identity for the user online, an identity that cannot be traced.

Now you are browsing the internet anonymously!

How does a VPN work

Why use a VPN for IPTV?

The question should really be why would you not use a VPN? And not just for IPTV, we should all be using VPNs all the time. The reality is the internet is full of people, companies and even governments watching what you do online. Whether you are watching IPTV, downloading music & movies or simply ordering a pair of new trainers, a VPN will protect your privacy.

Anything that can be considered copyright infringement can land you in big trouble. This is the number one reason anyone enjoying IPTV must use a good VPN. There has been a large scale crackdown on the illegal usage of Kodi in the UK in recent months. ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are coming under increasing pressure from cable companies and their lawyers to block IPTV services and turnover our data to help in prosecutions. This is data that should not even exist in the first place. In a perfect world what we do online would be private by default. Sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world and the need for VPNs has never been greater.